Redefining Beauty: The Essence and Values Behind Noorb

Redefining Beauty: The Essence and Values Behind Noorb

The beauty industry has gone through many changes over the years. However, one of the most significant changes so far is embracing beauty in every form. Very often, this concept is treated as trendy, whereas, the meaning behind it is profound and closely tied to self-love, confidence, and mental health. Noorb essence is all about beauty without boundaries. Staying dedicated to creating the utmost natural and harmless formula of gel polishes, noorb beauty laboratory worked very hard to present an inclusive color range that gives an opportunity to express oneself in colors. The word “noorb” means so many things in Armenian. It means delicate, subtle, exquisite, refined, polished. However, no one can decide what noorb truly means but you. 


Defining beauty is very hard and often meaningless. One of our primary values is based on this concept. Each color and its different shades have their own unique meanings. People respond to colors biologically, culturally, and personally. Colors have been and still are one of the main ways that we use to express our thoughts, personalities, moods, and perspectives. Through creating endless colors, we believe that we give endless possibilities of expression. We are the most confident, fierce, and self-satisfied when we are completely ourselves. And that is all we want to see in the salon professional nail industry: beauty without borders.


We are so happy to see so many brands in various areas of beauty that offer harmless, natural formulas and truly care about the health of their consumers. From the first day of formulating noorb beauty, our main goal was to create a unique formula that would offer something new to the table yet stay compliant with all of the FDA and CPNP regulations. During our journey, we discovered completely natural pigments, made of crushed stones that have been used in other types of paints before. We started working with these pigments and found a way to make them suitable for gel polishes as well. Happy to say that our innovative formula is utmost natural, big 5-FREE, cruelty-free, and completely harmless to be used by pregnant women as well. 


Noorb essence circles around passion and excellence as well. We bring enthusiasm to the table in everything that we embark on. From continuously improving the formula of our products to offering new educational programs for nail masters, we are all about lifting each other up to make things in the nail industry better. We offer online courses in nail education, as well as host webinars where we cover several topics that nail masters feel the need for. Furthermore, through our brand ambassador program, we collaborate with industry professionals who share our values and are passionate about defining beauty in their own unique and noorb ways.

Innovation and Excellence 

Last but not least, noorb beauty is all about innovation through improvement, which leads to excellence. Each one of us learns something new every day, and we strongly believe that it is the only way to reach beyond the limits that we set for ourselves. Whether it’s our formula, our programs, or collaborations, we strive to be innovative and constantly work on improving what we’ve already achieved. Learning and growing without boundaries is at the core of what we stand for. 

Beauty is so hard to define, yet it’s something that we all know. We are all about helping you define beauty for yourself according to your own standards and beliefs. Just remember that everyone is noorb in their own way. Express yourself in colors, shine bright, and stay confident!