Armenian Highland: The Untold Story Behind Noorb's Natural Minerals

Armenian Highland: The Untold Story Behind Noorb's Natural Minerals

Armenian Highland minerals are very unique and typical to the geological features of the region. Noorb Beauty has found a way to integrate those minerals into producing the first utmost natural gel polishes. The benefits of organic pigments that we use are many. However, the most important ones are the lack of odor in our gel polishes and the fact that they are harmless to be used by pregnant women. That being said, let’s dive deeper into the untold story behind Noorb’s natural minerals and see why they are the next revolution in the natural nail care industry. 

Why are Armenian stone minerals unique? 

Armenia is located in the convergence of the Arabian and Eurasian tectonic plates, which resulted in the formation of different rocks and various unique mineral deposits. In addition to this, Armenian Highland is also known for its semi-precious stones. Some of those stones are agate, obsidian, and jasper. However, besides the geological uniqueness of Armenian Highland minerals, they are also very significant for their cultural value. For example, obsidian has been used to create tools and weapons in ancient times and is very often associated with the country's archaeological heritage. 

Keeping this historical and cultural heritage close to our values, we embarked upon the journey of revolutionizing the natural nail care industry by using those minerals to produce noorb beauty gel polishes. The journey is enriching, and through hard work and constant innovation, we present to you the following benefits that the use of organic pigments allows us to have. 


Lightfastness refers to the color fading or color changes over the entire wear period of gel polishes. noorb beauty gel polishes, due to the use of organic pigments, have eliminated this issue completely. The color will stay on your nails as brand new for 2-3 weeks, even if exposed to sunlight the entire time. 

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Some chemical pigments may contain heavy metals, which can be very toxic. By maximally eliminating chemical pigments from our formula, we ensure that noorb beauty gel polishes are non-toxic. Furthermore, organic pigments are generally considered to be biodegradable. We strive to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible in all of the stages of our production. Therefore, we opted for organic pigments to ensure that we stay true to these promises.


Last but not least, noorb beauty gel polishes are unique in the natural nail care industry as they do not have any odor at all. Through meticulous research of the US salon professional nail industry, we found out that a lot of gel polishes in the market have an unpleasant smell, which causes a negative reaction both from the nail technicians and their customers. After using organic pigments in our formula, we managed to offer a non-toxic solution to that issue. 

There are so many stories that the Armenian Highland has yet to tell. Noorb Beauty Laboratory is constantly innovating its formulas and creating new ones, which are non-toxic, utmost natural, harmless, and cruelty-free. Stay tuned for all of our innovations in the natural nail care industry.