Expressing Yourself: Beauty Without Boundaries with Noorb

Expressing Yourself: Beauty Without Boundaries with Noorb

Defining beauty is such a hard task to do, yet society still continues to pressure its members with “standards”. During the past few years, a substantial part of the beauty industry has started to adopt and stay true to the “beauty without boundaries” concept. noorb beauty, the producer of first utmost natural gel polishes, proudly joins this important movement, which should become the norm globally. Noorb essence is all about expressing yourself with colors, no matter what some trends, rules or regulations say. We strive to create as many shade solutions as possible to cater the needs of everyone. We truly believe that beauty without boundaries comes from within. Accepting our inner beauty in every form and letting it shine bright is the key pillar of our ideology. If we combine this concept with the psychological meaning of colors, we get the noorb essence. Let’s explore that essence together. 

Artistic Expression 

Colors are deeply rooted in our emotional intelligence. Through them we express our feelings, energy, and passion. For example, very often when we see a painting with a lot of orange and red hues, we tend to describe it as “warm” or “passionate.” Whereas, the shades of blue and green resonate with serenity and calmness in our minds. This concept is directly tied to color symbolism. All colors are proven to have psychological effect on our emotions. For example, red rose symbolizes love and passion. On the other hand, the black one symbolizes mistery. We use colors for defining beauty without boundaries. Noorb essence is all about helping people express their artistic selves in colors and feel confident while doing so. 

Emotional Well-Being 

Beauty in every form is not only about our physical appearance, but also our mental and emotional state. No matter what state a person is at, we want them to be able to feel free, confident and beautiful. And colors are the way to that. There is not one color that does not have a psychological meaning behind. Through communicating these meanings to people, we hope that they can find comfort and self-expression in those colors. Emotional well-being is very often about free communication without worrying to be judged. Noorb essence is deeply connected with this concept. 

Personal Identity 

Last, but not least colors, like people, have so much identity in them. Each one of us has such a diverse background of cultures, thoughts, beliefs, styles, and expressions. We are all representations of beauty without boundaries because all of these different forms of identities are equally important and fascinating. Again, circling back to color symbolism, since the very early times colors have been used to indicate culture, beliefs, or style. Adding to that absolutely no boundaries, we come back to the noorb essence of free self-expression and confidence without pressure. 

At noorb beauty, we strongly believe in the power of colors. Through constantly innovating our formula and offering new shades, we hope to become an integral part of the “beauty without boundaries” movement.