Sunny Areni NBG46

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Have you ever been in Areni? If not, then it's time to put on this bright and plump burgundy on your nails, buy the next plane ticket and explore this beautiful wine region in Armenia!
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Utmost natural gel polish
noorb gelity is the utmost natural gel polish line of noorb beauty. Almost all colors are made with natural pigments derived from the stones of the Armenian Highland. 
noorb gelity formula is free from the following 5 harmful substances: 
  • Formaldehyde
  • Formaldehyde resin
  • Dibutyl phtalate
  • Camphor
  • Toluene
Hence, it is very safe to be used by pregnant women as well.
Texture and Comfort

The ideal density of gel polishes gives the opportunity to get full coverage from the 1st layer in case of any shade. 

Also, the cap is very comfortable for firm grip. The matte surface prevents extra sweating of the palms. As well as, the artificial bristles of the flat brush do not leave any stains or empty spaces on the nail surface.


noorb indicates different things in Armenian. It means delicate, refined, exquisite. Society often defines what it takes to be beautiful, or pretty. However, we are here to break all those stereotypes. Nobody can define what it takes to be beautiful, but you. You define what noorb means. Be yourself and let us help you highlight your inner beauty.

Highlight or Feature

This revolutionary gel polish does not have any odor due to
the exclusively natural pigments used in the formula. This is the perfect gel nail polish for those people who are sensitive to scents.

Natural pigments made out of stone minerals create an ideal
density for gel nail polish. noorb beauty gel polish colors provide complete color coverage from the first coat.

Due to the flat brush with soft bristles and the dense formula, noorb beauty gel polishes do not leave any empty spots, marks, or unevenness on the nail surface during the application process.

A 3-week wear period is guaranteed. However, make sure that the nails are prepped well according to our guideline.


Having sustainability, healthy beauty and self-expression as the core values of our brand, we offer a gel polish formula that is odorless, hypoallergenic, harmless for pregnant women, effective, and easy-to-use.

Safe for Pregnant Women

Utmost Natural

Cruelty Free

1% Donated Annually

to NRDC: Be a Force for the Future

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