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Loyalty Program

We love to celebrate each and every one of our community members. You inspire us every day to create even more colors! That is why we developed a fun loyalty program so you can feel the gratefulness and appreciation we have for you!


Join to start earning points


Earn points every time you shop or engage


Redeem points for exclusive rewards

50 points

When you sign up

20 points

For a product review after approval

20 points

For each social media post when submitted and approved


Of every purchase amount is converted to points


How do I earn points?

You can earn points in many ways: 

  • from signing up
  • from each purchase
  • from tagging @noorbbeauty on Instagram
  • from referral
  • from leaving a product review
How many points do I earn from my purchases?

10% of your every purchase will be converted into points, which you can access in your account. With bigger orders you receive more points. You can redeem your points anytime. After you do, the balance on your account will get lower and you can start earning points again with your purchases!

How do I receive points from tagging @noorbbeauty on Instagram? 

We get so excited and motivated every time you decide to share your #noorbgelity photos with us. To share our gratefulness with you, we created a very simple reward program. 

  • Post your pictures featuring noorb beauty products
  • Tag @noorbbeauty on the picture
  • Copy your post link 
  • Submit it at the end of this page  

Give us some 24 hours to review your submission, and in case of approval, you will receive 20 reward points to your account!

What is the referral program? 

We are extremely grateful that you are willing to spread the word about noorb and help us preach our mission of being yourself and loving yourself just the way you are! You will receive a one-time discount link once you sign up in our website. You can give that link to anyone. If someone makes a purchase from our website with that coupon code, you will receive 20 points on your account!  And the person, who made a purchase with your referral link, will receive a 5% one-time discount on their order/purchase of an online class. There is no limit on the discount, so you can give it to as many of your friends as you want. More users, more points for you!

When can I redeem my points? 

You can redeem your points anytime!

How can I redeem my points? 

We made the whole process very easy for you. All you have to do is: 

  • Choose from the available gift options below
  • Click on Add to Cart button under the preferred gift
  • In the check out page, you will have the option to use your points to purchase, if the amount is sufficient
  • Choose that option on the right corner and you’re done!
What are the rewards?

Check out the gift options below.

Submit your @noorbbeauty social media posts here:


    Learn about our Brand Ambassador Program here.

    Become our brand ambassador and earn many benefits! Apply